Supply Chains & Sourcing

Octaxias helps our clients with all decisions surround supply chain management and analysis. We can assist with concepts such as:
  • Adjust in time
  • Adjust in place
  • China plus one
  • China plus two
Additionally we provide strategic consulting and comprehensive advice across all sectors in the following countries:
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • All of Asia
Since our founding over 25 years ago we have helped Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Local and International Politicians discover and understand China, and all of Asia. We have helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs access the Chinese and Asian markets to successfully establish and engage business with China, and Asia. Through our coordinated resources and campaigns we are trade battle dispute resolution specialists. We look to use local cultures, ancient theories, laws and customs to assist all of our clients in getting the best possible outcomes. Through our global reach and long term political relationships Octaxias may be able to help your company relocate the supply chain from problematic venue back to the United States or to other locations. We can also help to carry out “China +1” solution to optimize your supply chain. We harmonized production and sourcing through our decades long presence in all of Asia. We have been recognized in many business and political circles and experts in helping individuals and companies with their projects over an array of diverse spectrums.