Mr. Jin Lan

Mr. Lan is a business consultant who has helped fast-growing companies in a variety of industries establish strategic, operational and governmental relationships with entities in the Peoples Republic of China ("PRC").

In February 2002, Mr. Lan helped arrange for President and Mrs.   Bush's trip to the Great Wall Of China.   He has taken various delegations from government, trade and business organizations to China and helped them make high-level contacts with key participants in their areas of interest.

Mr.Lan facilitated Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski's 2008 successful visit to China; Oregon Speaker Dave Hunt's 2009 visit to China; Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber's 2011 visit to China; and Oregon Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna's 2011 visit to China, Co-Speaker Arnie Roblan's 2012 trip to China and Speaker Tina Kotek's 2014 Legislative Mission to China.

In 2011, Jin Lan facilitated the Honorable Mme Liu Yandong, the State Councilor of China to visit Oregon.   She is the highest Chinese official ever to visit State of Oregon in history.

Subsequently, Jin Lan arranged meetings for Governor John Kitzhabor and Co-Speaker Roblan's meeting with Madam Liu in Zhong Nanhai in Beijing.

He has helped obtain patent protection in China for many US companies intellectual property and has concluded negotiations on the companies behalf with many manufacturers and exporters in China.   In addition, he has provided introductions to the appropriate national, provincial and city government officials.

Mr. Lan has published a number of books in the PRC and has been featured in articles published in Oregon Business and the Portland Business Journal.

He graduated from the Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade (now the University of International Business & Economics, in 1983 and received a in Social Science & International Trade from Portland State University.