Through years of experimenting, Octaxias has adopted a comprehensive system called "OODA", which was first developed by Col. John Boyd.   Col. Boyd worked in obscurity for most of his life, mostly by design.   A onetime U.S. Air Force instructor who earned the nickname "40-second Boyd" for his ability to get on any fighter pilot's tail within 40 seconds.

Octaxias uses the same techniques.   Octaxias Company's agility, speed and forward looking methods are the secrets to its success in China's very competitive market.

In its daily operations of promoting U.S. industry, marketing U.S. products, conducting agent/distributor search, outsourcing and market viability studies, the following business flow is observed by its staff in Beijing office:

  1. Observation: In the information age, Octaxias staff is trained to spot market trends and pull information in relevant industries from Internet and local newspapers every morning.   The staff members will gather information on any new move, new product, and new weakness of its client's competitors.   They will also observe any special features, competitive edges and pricing advantage of its clients' products.   Then they should be able to observe any NEW OPPORTUNITY.

  2. Orientation: Once they gather useful information, they will need to be oriented in terms of how the new market feedback fits a clients' product and market position.   Is the client's product still viable?   What orientation does client need to take to break into the market?   At this stage telephone interviews, talking to experts, checking market data, pricing against client quotes and distribution/supply channels become the typical tools to find out a product's feasibility, preferred distribution channel, possible promotion mode, and entry cost. Octaxias recommends a new product orientation based on local market conditions.

  3. Decision: Octaxias at this stage will offer its client the basic elements to make a decision to enter the market and at what cost.   If the client's products are competitive in the local market, Octaxias shall facilitate in arranging appointment with potential agent/distributor or supplier/manufacturer for outsourcing.

  4. Action: Along with its client, Octaxias shall push the product into the market place.   Clients must provide timely market feedback in order to make the whole OODA process work. Otherwise, no follow up can happen.

The key is to work with client in moving the OODA loop quickly ahead of market curve and ahead of competitor's entry.   Once competitor is left behind of the first OODA cycle, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch up to our clients on the next OODA cycle.

Boyd's proudest achievement was a theory called OODA, for Observe-Orient-Decide-Act.   Developed largely from his study of the ancient Chinese theoretician Sun Tzu and Prussian military reformers of the 19th century, the theory explains how a combatant can defeat the enemy on the mental battlefield, before the real shooting starts.   Toyota Motor practices a homegrown version of OODA.   The minimal bureaucracy and fast-paced marketing decisions Wal-Mart and Dell computer use to overwhelm competitors resemble Boyd's advice to keep accelerating the pace of change as the enemy weakens.