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Since our founding over twenty years ago we have helped Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Local and International Politicians discover and understand China.  We have also helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs access the Chinese markets and successfully establish and engage business with China.  Contact us today to arrange for your free consultation to learn how we can help you achieve your dreams and business goals in China.

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Mr. Jin Lan

Mr. Lan is a business consultant who has helped fast-growing companies in a variety of industries establish strategic, operational and governmental relationships with entities in the Peoples Republic of China ("PRC").
In February 2002, Mr. Lan helped arrange for President and Mrs. Bush's trip to the Great Wall Of China.  He has taken various delegations from government, trade and business organizations to China and helped them make high-level contacts with key participants in their areas of interest.

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Notable Engagements

Jin Lan and Minister Counselor Tian Deyou of Chinese Embassy 2015

Jin Lan on CCTV in Beijing China

Jin Lan with China's Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang

High Level Trust

Jin Lan Welcomes President Bush

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Dinner With The Governor of Oregon

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Reception for Madam Liu Yandong

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